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Processing of bristle

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(Summary description)It is best to pluck the bristles of live pigs in the summer, at which time it is time to moult and remove the bristles.

1. Live pig plucking method

It is best to pluck the bristles of live pigs in the summer, at which time it is time to moult and remove the bristles. 5 minutes before the first plucking, give the pig some lees feed to expand the pores of the pig, and then while the pig is eating or lying down, touch the pig's body with one hand and gently pull the bristle with the other. Try to remove it lightly, if the hair roots are loose, it means that the extraction is most timely at this time. When it is judged that the hair roots are loose, you can use a fine wood comb to comb the back of the pig's mane and back. The bristles can be combed off, put into a prepared paper bag and stored. If the hair roots are not very loose, you can use your thumb, forefinger and middle finger to grab three or five bristles and pull them up. Pull out once every 1-3 days. Do not pull too much each time until it is finished. In this way, as long as the plucking is timely, a pig weighing 100 kg can pull 1 to 2 kg of bristles. Pulling the bristles of live pigs will not affect the normal growth and development of the pigs. Due to the stimulation of bristles pulling, not only the appetite of the pigs can be increased, but also the growth of the pigs can be accelerated.

2. Bristle collection method:

① Double planing method. After killing the pig, use hot water to scald the pig's body, first use a nail brush to plan the pig's sweat skin, and then use an iron planer to shave the pig's hair.

②Separation method. At present, the price of black mane is the highest, white mane is a little bit, and flower mane is the least. Therefore, when killing pigs and mane, the black pigs should be killed first, then the white pigs, and then the flower pigs. When killing pigs, the action is slightly slower. Try to keep the black and white bristles apart.

③ combing method. Spring and autumn are the moulting season for live pigs. You can use an iron comb to scrape the whole body of the pig, once every 3 days. This will not only make pig hair fall off and facilitate collection, but also stimulate the cortex to grow new hair. It is suitable for male and female pigs. .

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